Mobile Learning (mLearning) Links
mLearning and the Three P's: iPods, PDAs and (mobile) Phones. This paper was prepared for the Apple Learning Interchange.

Here is a link to a paper I presented at the Ascilite Conference in Brisbane 2005.

The media generation: Maximise learning by getting mobile.

In this paper, I outline the StudyTXT project and how it has developed. - Peter Mellow


Elizabeth Valentine is one of New Zealand's leaders in mLearing. Here is her paper;

Unplugged learning (252k)

A report on mlearning prepared for the Ministry of Education and published on their website.

Txtme is an Australian project looking at using SMS messages within education. It was a Flexible Learning Framework project for the Australian Flexible Learning Leader, Jill Jamieson

Check out the mobile learning section on the framework.


Louise Horstmanshof wrote this great paper on:

"Using SMS as a way of providing connection and community for first year students"

Ascilite 2004

Mark Prensky is an educator who has produced a number of papers on flexible learning options using cellphones. Two of his best are:

What can you learn from a cell phone? - Almost anything!


But The Screen Is Too Small -- No It Isn't. Why Cell Phones - Not Computers - Should Be The Future of Educational Technology

Click on the names of the papers above to download a PDF of them from Marc's website.


Howard Rheingold wrote this paper in November 2004 titled:

M-Learning 4 Generation Txt?

Click on the name of the paper above to view it on a webpage.


Explore some examples of how Duke University uses iPod's in their classes  

Download Simon Geddes paper:

M-learning in the C21st: benefits for learners

Either as a Word document or a PDF file. This is an interesting Australian perspective.

m-Learning is a large group of organisations in Europe who are exploring the options for mLearning   m-Learning - Useful papers and articles from PJB in the UK
The MobilED initiative has people texting in a search word to a SMS server which finds the term on Wikipedia which then 'reads' the content back to the cellphone in a vocal message.   If you know of some good mLearning links that should go here, please email them to us to place here. Thank you.
Links to mLearning Conferences (See below)
Conference on Mobile Learning Technologies and Applications (MoLTA) 2007
February 19th 2007, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

6th International Conference on Mobile Learning, 16th-19th October 1007 - Melbourne, Australia.

NZ mobile phone links

Netsafe - The Internet Safety group. Look at the link in the "Information About" area for mobile phone safety.

Telecom - One of the two main providers of mobile services in NZ. Telecom has a good section on how to stop mobile bullying.

Vodafone - The other main mobile phone service provider in NZ. Vodafone have a section on their web site covering responsible use of your cellphone. This includes information on TXT bullying and using your phone when driving your car.

Xtra - As well as being an ISP, XTRA also provide mobile content, to the Telecom network.

NZ mobile lifestyle links

MyMobile - NZ's dedicated mobile magazine, join their Insiders Club to get free ring tones and chances to win mobile phones and cameras.

Studyit - A good NCEA support site on the web to help you with you study - A website for University students.

Apple NZ - You can purchase iPod's and iPod gear from the online store (free laser engraving!).

Podcast links

Links to podcast sites with great educational content:

Stanford University

The University Channel

Sport podcasts from St Martin's College, UK

Understanding Computer and the Internet from Harvard University

Check out the education section in the Podcast part of the iTunes Music Store, most of them are free to download or subscribe to.

Podcast NZ has an education section.

mLearning and the Three P's: iPods, PDAs and (mobile) Phones. This paper was prepared for the Apple Learning Interchange.

Two sites that discuss the use of podcasts in education are:

Pod Pegagogy from Purdue University

Podagogy - Where podcasting meets teaching and learning