eXpo Conference for Macintosh Computer Users

Introduction and Information
Welcome to the eXpo Conference web page. The inaugural eXpo Conference is going to be THE Mac event in 2004 for New Zealand. The eXpo Conference is a celebration of all things Macintosh. An opportunity to learn more about the programmes you use with your Mac. Learn some new short cuts or creative ways of using your computer. While it is focused on the Apple Mac computer platform many of the applications covered in the seminars can also run on other platforms (Adobe's Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Games, etc.) so even if you don't have a Mac, you can still get a lot out of the day. If you are thinking of purchasing an Apple computer, this is the perfect place to see what these wonderful machines are capable of.

Mac users are different. They are special. They know the joy that using a computer should be. They are loyal and supportive of each other. Perhaps this bond comes out of being part of a minority in the computer world, but it is there and it is good. Mac users share ideas and are keen to help fellow users. The eXpo Conference was created to give NZ Mac people an event similar to the Macworld™ in the USA. It is modeled around the very successful MacFair users event.

Date, Time, Place
Saturday 9th October, 2004
AUT, 90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote
What is it?

Sixteen 90 minute seminars on using your Mac and its apps! A trade show and a day dedicated to the Apple Mac computer (for registered delegates). Registration is required to join the seminars. See fees below.

FREE to the public Computer, IT and peripheral trade show from 10.30am to 4.30pm

Schedule of Events
Lecture theatre AA234 - seats 247
Lecture theatre AA 236 - seats 131
Lecture theatre AB201 - seats 96
Lecture Theatre AC220 - seats 200 Trade Show in the Cafe

Registration in AA foyer

Slide Show in AA234 running while you wait for the opening.
Slide Show running while you wait for the opening.     Trade show opens in Cafe and main Foyer at 10.30am

Runs throughout the day until closing at 4.30pm.

The trade show is free to the public all day.

Trade Show Stands include:

  • AUT
  • NZ Macguide
  • Microsoft
  • Campus IT
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • FujiFilm Digital
  • Express Video Duplicators
  • Cognito Software
  • Davko Computer Security
  • Wired Dog
  • SubRosaSoft
  • Mac Senior Net (AKL)
  • Geek.co.nz
  • Bone Head Projects
  • Lacklands (Crumpler bags)
  • DigitalFusion
  • Sports Tec International
  • Albany Computer Training
  • D-Photo magazine
  • Belkin



Welcome - Peter Mellow

Keynote address by
Russell Brown,
computer columnist, NZ Listener

Opening televised if needed
Stream 1
Stream 2 - Creative Professionals Stream Sponsored by Big Byte Computer Store
Stream 3
Stream 4
Session 1


Greg and Miles Crayford

'Focus on Adobe'
Session 1


Alan Rosenfeld

OS X - File Systems

Marko Kostyrko

Enhancing iMovie

Philip Roy

Morning Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Morning Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Morning Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Morning Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Session 2

Games, Games, Games!

Ben Lewis Evans

Sponsored by


'Focus on Adobe'
Session 2

Integration of the Creative Suite

Alan Rosenfeld

The Mac in Business

Grant Cowie

Maintain Your Mac with Dr. Mac
Lunch - Trade Show in cafe
Lunch - Trade Show in cafe
Lunch - Trade Show in cafe
Lunch - Trade Show in cafe
Session 3

Microsoft Products on the Mac

Ken Newell


Justin Matthews

Final Cut Express - Tips & Tricks

Mark Bellringer

Coming to grips with OS X

Miraz Jordan

Afternoon Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Afternoon Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Afternoon Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Afternoon Tea -Trade Show in cafe
Session 4

Final Cut Pro

Mike Bridgman

Lightwave 3D

Kevin Phillips

AppleScript for the rest of us!

Phil Smith

Under the hood of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server

John Holly

Closing session - Spot Prizes draw
Closing session - televised if needed
Closing session - televised if needed Closing session - televised if needed

(NZ $)

Adult EarlyBird
-by 24/9/04

-from 25/9/04 and on the day

University Students
-Student ID required

Registration forms will be available from this web site as a PDF file to download, complete and mail in from the 10th May, 2004.

Registration includes:
  • A conference satchel containing a range of small items from our sponsors
  • A CD ROM containing PDF files of all the individual session notes
  • Personalised eXpo Conference ID card on lanyard. This must be worn at all times, no ID, no entry into seminars
  • Access to your choice of the seminars held during the day
  • Access to the trade show
  • Tea and coffee at all breaks
  • A boxed lunch will be provided (Filled roll, cookie, piece of fruit, fruit juice) (vegetarian option)
  • Eligible for any of the spot prizes in the end of day session prize draw

Look for the $5 off Adult registration coupon in the eXpo Conference advertisement in NZ Macguide, or the flyers in eXpo Conference supporting stores.

Only ONE coupon per registration. Only valid until 24/9/04 For Adult registrations only

Seminar Selection
Access to all seminars is on a "first come, first seated" basis. Once each lecture theatre reaches the number of seats offered no one else will be allowed to enter the room due to fire regulations. You will then need to attend one of the other two seminars offered at that time. No one is allowed to sit in the aisles or block the exits to the lecture theatres.
Other Attractions During the Expo Conference
  • A trade show (free to the public) with all the Mac things you love, look at the sponsors page to see who is coming!
  • “Classic Corner” Mac’s of yesteryear running again
  • Keynote address by Russell Brown, computer columnist, NZ Listener
  • Spot Prize draw to all registered participants. Win an eMac and lots of other great stuff!
Spot Prize Draw

All trade show vendors and sponsors have donated a 'little something' to spice up the event for the spot prize draw. All registered participants are eligible to win a prize in the spot prize draw, being held during the closing session. Our sponsors have put up some really great prizes, showing their support of the Mac community. All registered people will have a unique registration number. We are using a random number generator programme to 'draw' the numbers out for each prize. This will be done 'on screen' so all can see the results. You must be present to accept your prize, or there will be a redraw. If you need to leave early then you can leave your ID with the registration desk and they will claim the prize for you to collect after the eXpo. See the list of prizes on the PRIZE web page.

Note: Trade show vendors, Sponsors and Digital Event staff are NOT eligible for any of the prizes in the prize draw.

Mac Senior Net, Auckland Inc.
Mac Senior Net, Auckland Inc. are providing volunteers throughout the day to help with the smooth running of the eXpo Conference. For this, the eXpo Conference will make a monetary donation to their organisation. So support this wonderful Mac Users group with your registration.
There are seven car park areas for use during the eXpo Conference. Car parks 2 to 7 (includes 4 & 4a). While some signs may say 'staff parking' this is only valid Monday to Friday. So you can park anywhere (including the reserved parks) on Saturday. The only parks that are out of bounds (and therefore you could be towed!) are the clearly marked disabled parks (unless you have a disability sticker) . Please see the map (below) for the highlighted car park areas you can use. There are over 1,000 off road car parks available.

Download this PDF map of the Akoranga campus, highlighting car parks and the key areas of activity for the eXpo Conference.


AA Block on the map is where Lecture theatre AA234 and AA236 are.

AB Block is where Lecture theatre AB201 is. The foyer between these blocks (entrance up stairs from Akoranga Drive) is where registration and four trade show stands are. There are toilets outside of AB201.

AS block (1 minute walk from the lecture theatres) is where the Student Cafe is. Tea and coffee will be served here during the breaks and the remaining trade show stands are in this area. There are toilets (including disabled) in the cafe.

Car Parks 2 & 3 (enter through Main entry, 90 Akoranga Drive) and car parks 6 & 7 (gate 3) are the largest three parks.

How to Get There
Have a look at Wises Maps Online.
Disabled Access
The AUT campus has been extensively modified so wheelchairs have access to all areas. Disabled toilets are in the cafe and there is a chair lift by the front entrance to go up the stairs to the lecture theatres. All lecture theatres have space and desks (without chairs) at the front of the room for you to wheel into.
AUT has a no smoking policy in ANY buildings. You can smoke outside of the buildings but are asked to stay clear of doorways.
A range of snack and drink machines are available in the cafe. They take coins only, so if you need a soft drink to get your blood sugar up in between seminars bring some money. If the packed lunch is not enough for you there is a McDonalds just a 1 minute drive down Akoranga Drive (10 minutes walking). Northcote shopping centre is a 5 minute drive away.
Bring some coins ($1 & $2) if you want to use the vending machines. Bring your credit cards, cash or cheque book if you think you might buy one of the eXpo specials in the trade show.
  • The eXpo Conference is an independent event and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Computer, Inc.
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