eXpo Conference for Macintosh Computer Users
Feedback from the Survey at the last session.

A survey/feedback form was handed out just before the prize giving and 109 (n=109) people completed it. Here are the results. Individual comments are below the graphs. All graphs made in Microsoft Excel.

1- Demographics - Age groups







2- How would you rate your experience at the eXpo? There were four choices. The last choice was "Negative", there were no responses in this group.

3- Value for money? How would you rate the cost for the eXpo? As above, there were four choices. The last choice was "too expensive", there were no responses in this group.

4- Session range and content: How would you rate the seminars for diversity and content? There were four choices. The last choice was "Poor", there were no responses in this group.

5- Trade Show. Did you on the day, or will you consider in the near future purchasing goods or services based on what you saw at the trade show?

6- What is the best length for the eXpo?

7- If the eXpo was one day, which day is best for you?

8- What activities should we add if we extended the eXpo?

  • Setting up web sites
  • More basic sessions
  • the Apple applications

9- If we run another eXpo in 2005, would you attend?

10- Any other comments: (Any comments with a bracketed number by them refers to the number of responses using the same words).

Well done. (8)

The lunch was great, lectures were very informative and the trade stalls. Fantastic eXpo.
Great first go. Hopefully more people next year and more trade displays.
Awesome, love the new iMac.
Excellent show. (3)
Nice and relaxed, good.
Very good sessions-Dr. Mac's humor much appreciated.
For a first it was simple great and I learned quiet a lot.
Great show. Well worth while.
Well done for the first effort.
Many thanks.
Some basic programme How to's rather than so many "Pro tools". Getting the most from iMovie or AppleWorks.
Thank you very much for the effort put in to make today the great success it proved to be.
Wicked! Nice work.
Good value. Location seems to work well.
Good location. Appreciated food being included.
Great seminars, well organised.
It was cool.
Awesome eXpo, well organised and excellent workshops and displays. Thanks.
Traveled a long way to be here. Very enjoyable, well organised. Happy to return next year. Tolaga Bay Area School, East Coast.
More exhibitions if possible. Well done!
Where was the Apple company?
Great interesting seminars. Great to be involved with Apple fans. Head office Apple should get a rocket for not coming on board.
Thanks for the level of instruction. I really felt I was learning new stuff. Too often I've attended workshops and thought, rather ruefully, that I knew the content! today has been very worthwhile. Congratulations!
Sad not to see Apple here. Also sad not to see Apple resellers either.
Great event, thanks!
Pity Apple wasn't present. Really enjoyed Dr. Mac and Russell Brown.
Great first effort. It was worth it.
Good on your for organising it! Hope there will be more.
Thanks, it was great!
I had a lot of fun. Your dynamic personality and organisation skills were very much appreciated. Great work!
Congratulations, well worth traveling up from Hamilton.
Job well done. Congratulations and thanks for your effort on our behalf.
A good beginning! Look forward to the next one.
Miraz should be congratulated. She spoke clearly, explained well and spoke with clear diction. Excellent teacher.
Alan Rosenfield was great!
Lunch was great!
Found the Adobe sessions very informative and funny! Thanks Alan.
Thank you for taking the gamble.
Excellent day. Would definitely recommend others to come next year. look forward to the next one! Well done!
Thank you for a fantastic day!
The Adobe demos/tutorials were awesome.
Nice to go to an eXpo that shows you how to use the products rather than the hard sell.
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