eXpo Conference for Macintosh Computer Users
Presenter e-mail feedback - Mail comments to Peter

October 13, 2004

Running two stands could have been very stressful, but because of your exceptional organization I can say that I actually had a really enjoyable day. I really appreciated the extra help you gave me, such as putting up the many macguide posters, lending me the super strong tape to keep those evil banners up, and helping me unload the never ending boxes of magazines from the car.

It is always such a pleasure to meet and chat with our readers and to introduce our magazines to those who haven’t read them before. Thanks for giving us that opportunity at the Mac Expo.

Jeska Innes
Promotions Co-Ordinator
Parkside Media

October 12, 2004

Just to let you know that I enjoyed the Expo, it was a worthwhile day, and I
think you did a fantastic job. Well done.

Cognito Software Ltd

October 10, 2004

The moment Peter Mellow raised the idea of the eXpo I knew it was a sensational idea, and that Macguide had to be involved 100%. Mac fans Ken Newell and Brigitte Reed at Microsoft also saw the good sense of the whole concept immediately, and it's been a pleasure to work with Peter and Ken over the last few months.

When Renaissance (Apple Division) realised it didn't fit in with their promotional and other plans for the time of year, we decided to press on as we could clearly see the need for an event that would bring the different Apple enthusiast, educational and professional strands together into one hands-on series of seminars.

It was absolutely wonderful of the Parnell Apple Reseller Übertec to lend us one of only seven 17-inch G5 iMacs in the country for the show, and I found it as magnetic as many of the show attendees who came and played with it, touched it or just stared in appreciation at such a fine new product of Apple technology and innovation.

As usual, it was an absolute pleasure to mix with and talk to other Apple enthusiasts from all walks of life, and we're already planning a bigger, fuller event next year with still more hands-on seminars and opportunities for product suppliers to showcase their products which can then be inspected at close range.  

The feedback on the eXpo site and in person at the show has been truly generous and noteworthy in all aspects.
I'd also like to thank the hardworking team at Parkside Media for preparing the Macguide and D-Photo magazine participation at the show: Kristen de Monchy and Fiona Richards, and in particular Jeska Innes who pulled out all the stops to create the displays and coordinate everything.

I also appreciate the efforts of our writers Fraser Kitt, Miraz Jordan, Ben Lewis Evans, Philip Roy and Aaron Fletcher ('Dr Mac') who presented sessions, and to other Macguide writers like Lewis Gregory, Alix Jansen, Ary Jansen and John Gray who spent the day chatting with people, taking notes and photographs and helping out.  

I wish I could have seen all the seminars myself, as Peter assembled such a stellar cast of presenters, but I couldn't tear myself away from the stand where I was happily meeting Macguide readers and subscribers.

To all the other stall holders: lovely to see you and your wonderful products, and thanks again for your support.
Finally, AUT has to be congratulated for backing the show and providing the perfect environment for it.
I can hardly wait for next year.
Thanks Peter!
Mark Webster, editor, NZ Macguide magazine

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