Staff Development Conference

Notes and links from Peter Mellow's sessions:

Session PDF file download of slides (right click on icon below and select download 'target') Web Links mentioned during the presentation
Wednesday 7.30pm session - The Philosophy of Fitness PDF Download (1.3Mb)

My Mental & Physical Health and Fitness Scoopit page. Filter the articles by using the tags to serach for the topic you want.

Link to a slideshare version of a similar lecture I did earlier this year on 'The Philosophy of Running'.


Flexible learning workshop is on Thursday 2.15 -4.15pm and (Workshop A) Learning to love the LMS! PDF Download (4.1Mb)

Moodle at Aoraki

Moodle - Check out the support and community areas

Keynote - Friday 9am - The Essence of Teaching PDFDownload (2.5Mb)

Educating the Net Generation book - FREE download HERE

Ako Aotearoa - Check out the Resources Centre


Integrating Technology (Workshop B) Friday 10am-12pm PDFDownload (1.4Mb)

Download AUDACITY here, remember the LAME Lib file to save it as a MP3

The LAME MP3 encoding library allows Audacity to export audio in the popular MP3 format. To install the LAME library, please read our LAME FAQ.

Scoopit website HERE