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Welcome to iPod Gym. With the launch of the Apple iPod that can play movies, what better way to try out new exercises at your gym than looking at them on your iPod. With the number of people at gyms now using iPods, this is the perfect way to expand your exercise routine, and its all free!

Look at the description of the exercises here and then select the ones you want and download them to your computer. Transfer them to your iPod and take them to the gym to try out.

As we have adapted existing material to the iPod format, currently the movies do not have sound, but most have sub-titles with exercise advice, safety tips and muscles used for each exercise. We are planning on adding a voice over with instructional comments soon.

There are 80 different exercises available for you to spice up your workout and all of them are available for free.

Please Note: These exercise movies are to be used as a guide only. If you are new to exercise, please see your doctor for a physical before undertaking any exercise. Talk to an exercise professional (gym instructor, personal trainer) for more technical points on performing these exercises. As with any exercise, there is always a risk of injury, exercise with care. Use these exercises at your own risk. No responsibility is given or implied.
iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

The iPod Gym videos now have audio instructor voice overs and are included in iWorkout 4.0 - Available for PC and Mac from Helmes Innovations.

Attention Safari Users: If you click on the files in Safari they will download to your desktop (or downloads folder) with the file suffix .txt - E.G. 17_Alt_Superman.m4v.txt
To be able to view the MP4 files in QuickTime or iTunes, click on the file name and take out the .txt part and it will work.

Need something to train for? Get fit for SegPolo! Read coverage in the NZ Herald.

Here is an iPod ready 1 minute clip of the first game between the USA Aftershocks and the New Zealand PoleBlacks. Link: SegwayNZ

Click on the MPG4 icon to download the clip to your computer.


April 26, 2012 12:04 PM