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© 1995

By Peter Mellow, Senior Lecturer, AUT


I started this web page way back in 1995 and it had not changed much in the last 6 years. I was getting so many hits I was a bit embarrassed about how rough it looked and that some of the links had become broken.

So I have tidied it up some, and it will probably look this way until 2007! No, I do plan to make an effort to keep it more up to date and should be expanding it when I find some spare time (yeah, right!).

Thanks to all the people who have e-mailed me with words of appreciation about this small contribution to the great web ocean of information on fitness. I did make it to share, as I believe that knowledge is made to be shared.

I have tried to keep all the information contained scientifically correct as there is a lot of misinformation out there on the internet. While this advice is as correct as I can figure at the time of publication, please remember that it is general advice only, and in no way should be a substitute for medical advice from your doctor.

All the pages that are accessed from this page come with the disclaimer that the body's response to exercise is varied between individuals and you should apply any advice with caution. If you have not exercised regularly recently then you should get a medical check up before you embark on any sort of exercise programme. All care has been made to ensure that the information contained in these pages is safe practice, but in the end you must take full responsibility for your exercise actions.

Remember that exercise is for everyone and anyone can do some form of exercise. I myself workout at a gym 3 days a week for general health and fitness. I am a senior lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology in sport science and previously have completed 14 marathons and 1 Ironperson Triathlon. Thank you for your support and keep exercising! :-)


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