We plan to host MP3 sound recordings of study tips and advice from lecturers/teachers. You will be able to download these sound files for free and play them on your computer or MP3 player. You may even be able to play them on your cellphone if it has the ability to play MP3 files.

Waiariki Institute of Technology have some great heart, lung and kidney video content available as free downloads to view on your iPod video, cellphone, computer or PSP.

AUT has some exercise technique movies that can be used on your iPod video, computer, cellphone or PSP.

Do you need an iPod to use pod casts?
a pod cast is just a MP3 (and now MP4) audio sound file. It will play on any computer (PC or Mac), or on almost any MP3 player. The word podcast uses the word pod as a generic term for any MP3 player as the iPod is the most popular player of this type. The 'cast' is from broadcast, so podcasting is like a pre-recorded radio station that you can play at any time.

Some podcasts are a regular event, changing the content from session to session. Some podcast software (iTunes for PC and Mac - free download) allows you to subscribe to the podcasts for free and they will download automatically to your computer to listen to. You can transfer these files onto your portable music players to listen to when exercising, walking to work, etc.

Video podcasts (vodcasts) are a new development that allow the use of small video files (320x240 MPG4) with sound that can be downloaded and played on an iPod video, your computer or a PSP. An example of this is iPod Gym.

Princeton University has just added vodcasts to their existing podcast services for their students.

Two sites that discuss the use of podcasts in education are:

Pod Pegagogy from Purdue University

Podagogy - Where podcasting meets teaching and learning

Links to podcast sites with great educational content:

Stanford University

The University Channel

Sport podcasts from St Martin's College, UK

Understanding Computer and the Internet from Harvard University

Check out the education section in the Podcast part of the iTunes Music Store, most of them are free to download or subscribe to.

Podcast NZ has an education section.

mLearning and the Three P's: iPods, PDAs and (mobile) Phones. This paper was prepared for the Apple Learning Interchange.