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What makes a great learning environment?

Student's Views


I believe that the students view of their teachers/lecturers is valid and valuable. Many University papers end with an assessment of the course of study that always includes the teacher/lecturer. Perhaps this task would be more useful if it was carried out earlier in a course of study so a teacher could modify their teaching style to fit each specific intake of students.

We hope to explore the students perspective on teaching, however this will be in the next stage of this project, after we have recorded some teachers views first. While students use web sites like Rate My Teacher (and Rate my Professor) to vent their feelings about a teacher/course/school, many of the comments appear personal and not very constructive. While it's great to have a forum for students to express their feelings towards their educators, I believe it could be done in a more positive way.

If you are a student, and would be interested in having your views placed here on 'what is good teaching' please contact me.