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What makes a great learning environment?

Welcome to the Essence of Good Teaching

Wouldn't it be great if you could bottle good teaching practice and take a drink before you had to face a class! Unfortunately good teaching can't be extracted into an elixir. So who should we ask to find out what we can do to be better teachers/educators/communicators?

We could ask the learners! The students we teach are very smart and can tell a great teacher from a good teacher. However, they may not be able to clearly identify why one teacher is better. I think the student perspective is important, and this may form part of a later stage in this project.

The Essence of Good Teaching project is about showcasing video interviews with great teachers who have reflected on their teaching practice and make these insights available here for other educators to watch, take on board, and hopefully apply if they feel it is relevant to them.

"Teaching is much, much more than a quantifiable list of actions and behaviors"

Karl Dodds (2006), Maths, Physics & Computing, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology - PRIME MINISTERS SUPREME AWARD Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards 2006


Update September 30, 2010 -

This project has been in hiatus for some time while I wrestled with some issues both external and internal to this project. I have now found some new direction and am about to jump back into this project with a new focus around the graphic on the right here. ------->






The educators shown on this site have been externally recognised for their good teaching practice. They have volunteered their time to contribute here and share their experiences for the sake of 'education'.

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