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What makes a great learning environment?

Methods & Ethics

This site is sharing the findings of a private research project conducted by Peter Mellow. I'm interested in capturing the immediate verbal responses to five (initial) study questions about an educators teaching practice. I believe that by capturing on video the educator and their discussion around their teaching that a clearer picture of good teaching will become apparent.

Currently an ethics application is being prepared for submission to the AUT ethics committee. As the people being interviewed have all agreed to be videoed, and know that what they say will be posted on this web site, they have informed consent. The five study questions are not of a personal nature and do not ask for any confidential information. The educator being videoed has the right at any time, even after the videos have been placed on this web site, to ask for them to be withdrawn from the site at any time, for any reason, and do not have to provide a reason for their decision.