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Old News and Events

Wednesday 4th July 2012 - Friday 6th July 2012 - Aok Staff Conference

This LINK will take you to the web page with copies of my notes from my presentations and workshops.


2012! Well for those who know me, 2011 was a big year, even though I don't have much to show for it here! Thanks to everyone who supported me in 2011.

2012 is looking a lot better for me now. Work at Curtin is excitng as usual and our eLearning team are really humming along! I already have two public speaking engagements with a few more coming in the pipeline.

On Saturday 25th February I am doing my favorite session "The philosophy of running" at the Steve Moneghetti Training Camp in Dwellingup. I am really looking forward to this session :-)

PDF PDF file of the set of slides used in "The philosophy of running" presentation.

Later in the year on Tuesday 15th May I am doing a session for Liquid Learning at their 'Accelerated Learning and Workforce Development Conference' in Perth on Mobile Learning.

Last week (2nd & 3rd Feb) I attended the Teaching and Learning Forum at Murdoch University. All five Perth Universities were represented. I assisted Kim from our team on his presentation on using Hotseat to create a back channel in your classroom.

2011 News... After working at AUT for 25 years I have now left and taken up an academic position as an elearning advisor in the centre for elearning at Curtin University. More to come.....

October 13th 2011 - I am speaking about iPads in Tertiary education today at the Challenger Institute of Technology. Here is a PDF file of my slides.

Hay's book

I'm really enjoying reading this book at the moment. Some great stories! July 26, 2011





Recent presentations and links to files:


ITP trades forum presentation as a PDF file (click on this link to download the file - right click and select 'download file/target to desktop/computer).

"OUR" students:

“there is plenty of time”
thumb drivers
facebook generation
aware of their rights, but not their responsibilities
broard range of technical experience
whats going to be in the exam
answers not understanding
achievement without effort
low self esteme
knowledge without the journey
lack of face to face skills
if they can find their passion....
lost souls ????????

Link to:

Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

Sugata Mitra shows how kids teach themselves

ATEM conference presentation, July 9th 2010

Left screen slides (PDF file) Right click on the link and select 'download to your computer'.

Right screen slides

MIT Nursing School Professional Development Day presentation.Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:46 PM

Taranaki visit 2010 - May 31st and June 1st I led four workshops at WITT for Ako Aotearoa on learning and teaching in the 21st century. These presentations are available here as a PDF file. I also visited my old school, Francis Douglas Memorial College and spoke about succeeding at tertiary study. A copy of that presentation is available on the After School site here.



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